2019-04-23 Vi säljer nu också nyrenoverade vedspisar i vår shop. Pga vikten så skickas de ej utan hämtas på plats. Ni finner dem här!

2018-12-12 We are happy to say that we have a new batch of FKK knifes in the shop. All customized and all different from each other. Made both in stainless steel and carbon steel with different patina.
The perfect christmas present that last forever!

2018-10-22 Hi there,

all our knifes from FKK is out of stock, but new ones is ordered and will show up in the shop in a couple of weeks or so. All custom made and all different from each other. Beautiful craft makes it more fun.

2018-08-04 The last one of the stainless steel/leather and wood FKK chefs knife is now yours if you are quick!

2018-06-23 We only got two FKK knifes left in stock. Hurry hurry!

2018-06-19 More news from Sloydlab! Take a look in the shop.

2018-04-11 Florentine Chef Knives are out of stock at FKK shop but we still got some left! A knife for life. Take a look at the shop.

2018-04-09 Now we have stocked the Towels in 100% stonewashed organic linen. These Oeko-Tex®Certified fabrics are free of chemicals and hazardous substances. Colors: sage, mustard, pale blue and oatmeal. Size 50x70 cm. Here you find them!

2018-01-20 Be a whistleblower for peace in Congo. Support Falling Whistles. A sustainable peace requires a growing economy, and sustainable jobs. We are working to make every project profitable within a year. The project can then support itself, and pay back the investment, so we can continue to fund new projects. By proving that small-scale investments in eastern Congo can actually work, we hope to support local entrepreneurs in creating a conflict-free economy. 

Right at this moment children and men are dying every day in the hunt for Cobolt. Read this article from the Washington Post and you will understand why we support Falling Whistles. There is also a swedish article here. You can make a different right now! Buy the whistles in our shop.

2018-01-18 We are now proud retailers of Sloydlab:s trivets/cutting boards.

"Nature creates the most amazing things. Vibrant colors and sculptural shapes. Even our most common vegetables are pieces of art. The Roots collection is a celebration of this".

This clever trivet also works as a small cuttingboard. Made from MDF, sustainably at Öland, Sweden.
Designed by Matilda Hunyadi.

Go to the shop and take a look at these beautiful items.

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